View and record the sensors on your devices


Ever wonder what your coordinates are? Or how fast you're going? Or maybe how much force you're applying when you press the display?
Get the answers to these questions and much more with this aptly named app: Sensors.

Viewing and monitoring
All the sensors are listed in a minimalist fashion with the most important information displayed right underneath. Tap (or 3D Touch) to access additional sensor data, maps or surprisingly addictive and pleasing realtime plots for acceleration, rotation and magnetic field.

Gain insight into how your phone and all the services built on it work underneath by accessing raw, sometimes even uncalibrated data.

Understand how your phone sees the world by applying this fancy new filter: depth. The depth filter displays depth data that your newest phone can produce and turns it into understandable colors. If you dare, you can even try the 3D mode. Along all this, you might even discover new sensors you didn't realize you even had!

Don't settle for just viewing: take it to the next level by recording sensor data. You can choose which sensors you want to record, along with a sampling frequency. The recorded data is saved in a CSV file, which you can then further process with your favourite number-crunching application.


Your privacy is very important. That's why this app won't send anything anywhere, or even permanently save it to your device, unless you want to. You can allow or deny access to any sensor you want, and the app will remain functional, even if you deny access to every sensor you can. It's all your choice.

3rd-party processors

Starting from version 1.3, Sensors uses some 3rd-party data processors. These are services provided by someone else other than Apple or this app. This is a complete list of such processors.

Since: 1.3
Sensor: Speedometer
Usage: HERE is a mapping service used to provide speed limit data.
Data: Your exact location coordinates is sent to the service.
Optional: Yes, can be changed from speedometer settings. Disabled by default.
Since: 1.4
Sensor: Network
Usage: is a DNS service used to measure network latency.
Data: An ICMP request.
Optional: Yes, can be changed from network settings. Disabled by default.


If you're having issues with Sensors, or just want to say hello, please contact me via email: